Monday, May 28, 2012


It's official! I've tied the knot! I'M GETTING MARRIED!

 Er... maybe in about 10 years. Did I scare any of my fam and fwendz? I sure hope not....

On a more serious note I am leaving for the motherland. Hello Hungary! Hello Croatia, Germany, and England. I'm coming for you.

I'm thinking about packing a fanny pack. How tourist-y would that look? I won't even be a tourist, so maybe it's not a good idea.

If I did wear a fanny pack I would wear it with a visor and water shoes. Too cute.
Packing is easy breezy, however, my biggest concern isn't what clothes to bring. My biggest concern is how the firetruck do I take my Shea Butter with me?

Pretty pictures and sassy stories will most definitely be shared.

Everyone happily dance for me. Duck Sauce. Barbara Streisand, mothertruckers. GO.



  1. A) Did my eyes widen at your first statement? Yes. Haha.

    B) Fanny pack: necessity. Do it.

  2. Vintage pink Nike fanny pack from the 80s is here with me. hehe thanks for the advice.