Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Krk. Part 1.

This is short because I'm lazy.

Krk, is beautiful. Hell, the Adriatic Sea is beautiful. After an 8 hour car ride we finally made it to our destination. The journey from Mohacs to Krk should really only take 5 hours, but we stopped a lot.

Can I just say how nice the gas stations and rest stops are in the mountains of Croatia?
Is that weird?

There was one with a restaurant and playground. I gots myself a nice and fresh HAND SQUEEZED strawberry lemonade. What the what. It was so good!

Making multiple stops was definitely worth it.

To get to Krk, one must drive through extremely rugged and harsh conditions. There are forest covered mountains that must be crossed. Bears are all over the place and sometimes jump over the chain linked highway fences and play with moving cars. There's a pretty swanky bridge you have to cross over as well, but it's shut down when there's too much rain and wind.

Okay, so maybe these conditions aren't rugged or harsh at all. People get across the mountains by man made tunnels, making driving through mountains convenient and quick. The bears never jump over the chain link fence. I only saw two bears... and well, they were cardboard. Those silly Croatians, trying to scare drivers! I thought they were real, and so did my sister. The bridge though, that was actually kind of scary.

Once there, finding a place is easy (harder when everyone vacations on the Adriatic in the summer doe). People can stay at hotels, but most of the cities along the Adriatic have housing and apartments that vacationers can rent for however many days.

We stayed in a two bedroom/1 bath on the first floor. You know so my sister can't run out and and go crazy and fall of the stairs... safety precaution. But the place really was cute. The little awning to the right was our patio!

See, she really is a wild child. Just kidding, but not really.

This was the view from the end of our street. All those houses are actually apartments that people can live in for their stay in the city. Running on these roads are tricky.
No sidewalk+winding roads+hills= sore Sabrina. Ouch. Good ouch. Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

The walk to the center of the city took me 2 minutes. However, I have to walk with my mom, uncle, aunt, and sister. I take one step, my sister takes 4 to catch up with me. So I guess I should say the walk took 6 minutes.

 A really pretty house (not rental apartment). So nice, had to take a picture.

Views of the City

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  1. Beautiful! Glad to see you're still running. Just got back from a run myself, and I had to re-read your 'pain' statement a few times so I could convince myself it was true.
    Happy travels!