Monday, June 4, 2012

I just had the best lunch ever.

Breaded cheese.

I guess that's the American equivalent to a cheese stick or mozzarella stick right? I always thought those things were gross.

Everything tastes better in Hungary anyways.

Until I found an eyelash in my rice. Nasty.
That always happens to me. There could be 987987092384 people in a restaurant and I will ALWAYS be the one to have hair in my food. Head hair, eyelash, eyebrow, mustache, leg, arm, pubic.

Scratch the last one. I hope that never happens. Knock knock on this wooden table.

I don't really know the point of this post. I was just going to post pictures. Maybe I should start with what I did yesterday?

Okay, so yesterday I really did nothing since everything is closed. Except the markets.

Those are never closed.

We took a splendid drive to the next biggest city which is about 30 minutes away. I've been to this market numerous times and never look at anything else except the puppy isle. Basically people come here to sell puppies that their dogs uhm.... created? Any type of dog. There's always kittens here too, and they're free. The preshest little things. If you want a turkey, you can find it. You want a chicken? You can get it at this market! Rabbit? Yup, that too. (I go into a cardiac arrest every time I see a baby rabbit. They are the most adorable things. So cute. My heart. Ouch.)

I spent most of my time with German Shepherd and Vizsla puppies.

Who could resist this face? They say that dogs pick their owners. Well this little guy picked me.

This little dude picked me too! Could you imagine coming home with two dogs? I sure can!

If I did go home with that presh Vizsla I would probably name him Abe. Abe because Abraham Lincoln is on the penny which is copper. Vizsla's are copper, like the penny. Boom. Explain that to everyone next time they ask me why I picked the name I did for my dog.

This market also sells one of my favorite Hungarian foods. Langos (accent over the a).

THIS. Slathered in a garlic glaze, shredded cheese, and sour cream on top. FTW.

Good thing I've been keeping up with my summer mileage! Or else I'd be stuck eating broccoli or something!

Mama and I are gonna stroll the city now and work off some of that cheese!

That's all folks!



    Abe = awesome name. I might steal it if the opportunity ever presents itself (but Zack's not really a pet person, so you don't really have to worry).

    Keep the posts rollin if you can, but don't stress about it. Just have fun :)

  2. hahaha yeah i'm thinking of just posting pictures. I hate writing!

    Yes, name your animal Abe! We could make them t-shirts that say Abe 1 and Abe 2. Presh!